'The mind is not a vessel but a fire to be kindled.'

                          - Plutarch

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Random Awesomeness:


Random Awesomeness: 

Last year, Mashable used a bunch of different sources (Stanford University, Fabric Direct, weapons companies, etc.) and determined how much it would cost to become Batman. The price tag for Wayne Manor, weapons, the sweet car, the costume, everything, comes out to $134,735,100. It gets better. A professor of neuroscience and kinesiology (the study of human movement) named Paul Zehr from the University of Victoria in Canada did a study to determine how long someone could actually be Batman before their body broke down. He found that it would take roughly 10 to 12 years of physical training to become Batman and from there, the person would undergo the same physical strains as a champion boxer, NFL running back, ultimate fighter, and elite force commando. In all, he concluded that if someone were to attempt to become Batman, they would last about three years before their body would begin to fall apart from injury and brain damage from concussions... Still, that car is pretty sweet.

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