Belly up to the bar, because the only award-nominated comedy quiz show that gives more points for being funny than for being right is taking on ALCOHOL!

Join us Wednesday, October 8th, 8pm on the Comedy Central Stage at the Hudson as our panelists play all-new hilarious trivia rounds like 'Shots, Shots, Shots, Everybody!', 'Drinking Fact or Fiction?', and 'S.A.T.'s' that will explore the ridiculous facts, statistics, and myths behind everyone's favorite adult beverages! Why is a vodka and orange juice called a 'screwdriver'? Which American President was also a licensed bartender? Does drinking beer really give you a beer gut? It's everything you never knew that you wanted to know about booze!

What Do You Know? ALCOHOL!
Hosted by Steve Frech

Suzi Barrett     Ron Funches
Andre Hyalnd     Jessica McKenna

Produced by Justin Winters

Wednesday, October 8th, 8pm
The Comedy Central Stage at the Hudson Theater
6539 Santa Monica Boulevard
Cross Street: Hudson Avenue
between Highland and Vine
Street and Lot Parking Available

Show begins at 8pm
Absolutely Free!
Reservations Required
To RSVP, please call 323-960-5519
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